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Advanced JasperReports (complex reports/subreports for industrial customer, warehousing recursive reports for country/region/branch) Post offices automation suit including Intranet/Internet solutions. Central repository and branches communication and synchronizing. Electronic payment system. Java/Spring/JQuery/Webservices/Continious integration, SWF, JNI, C# Barcode scanning and recognizing, warehousing and invoices management. Java/Excel/JasperReports
Bank of Trust portal development (Titan framework, Spring, JSP) Various csv2db and db2csv utilities, including document signing, verifiing, and ticketing for interchange (in case of physical devices holding CSV documents) Java/SWF/MySQL/SQLite PDF Forms filling solution for Attorney Offices. JSP/OpenPDF/SWF/Postgres
ActiveX solution on Java for Post Offices (using activities from older C++ application in Java context). OLE2, SWF, C++ The TechProcess factory processing support suit (C++ Builder, ASP, JSP/Servlets, TWAIN, OCR, Warehousing), presentation(.ppt) is available